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strtotime(): Epoch doesn't fit in a PHP integer

So today's first fun of the day is dealing with some data that is years old, and for one reason or another contains ...

A test page for testing

Further to my recent scribblings to do with automatic emails, it's time for some testing...

Email. But not just email. Regular, automated email to a self segmenting list

So, you have a website that publishes details about where and when your popup outlet is going to be each week. Now all ...


The return of 404 reporting

The final component to be reinstated into the revamped DyadStats system – a 404 log

TIme for a catch up with myself. What have I been doing?

It feels like I’ve been doing a lot, but what?

Products and stock

A musing on the how to deal with product stock when one-in - one-out doesn't quite fit