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A test page for testing

Further to my recent scribblings to do with automatic emails, it's time for some testing...


This is a standard paragraph of text. Above this should be a list of recent pages. I suspect they're not coming through.

This is an 'h2' heading
And this should be a sub-heading

This is the first item
in a rather dull, yet sometimes useful
unordered list
This is card 1 of 3

Cards are a useful layout option

Card 2 of 3

Card 3

Item heading 1

Items are the standard/default list view option.

Item 2

Each item can have an image attached

Item 3

A set of items can be flagged as 'divided', 'relaxed' and/or 'unstackable'.

'Upload a new image' needs to be adjusted

'Select an image' works, but the interface is a bit busy. It was a good move, and was good work, but it's probably time to let go.

Instead of the current 3 image options, it might be better to create a placeholder, a bit like the new 'image grid', and then handled the placement after the initial upload or selection.



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