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strtotime(): Epoch doesn't fit in a PHP integer
I'd be happy with null reset, but apparently we need a warning

So today's first fun of the day is dealing with some data that is years old, and for one reason or another contains non-sensical dates: E.g. 0201-04-25, 0206-08-08, 1008-10-17 etc

There are only a few, and the data could be wiped, but it would be useful to have a way of formatting the output as 'Invalid date entered' or similar without a warning message that can interrupt things.

So, after some time it seems that my chosen device is of the 32 bit rather than 64 bit persuasion, meaning the date range it's happy with is a lot less than infinite. As it's inevitable that the machine will be replaced at some stage, I think this is one of the very very rare instances where error suppression is the answer.

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