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The return of 404 reporting


The final component to be reinstated into the revamped DyadStats system – a 404 log

(Note to self - search logging next) (Note 2 - 'have I been crawled?' indicator)

Everyone knows how exciting web-server logs are, right? Ok, maybe 'exciting' is stretching it a bit. Ok a lot. Ok this could possibly be the most boring topic I could have chosen to write about this evening, but don't hang up just yet – all I need to say is that logging page requests that generate a 'not found' error can be quite useful. Imagine a duff link ends up in a popular page or website that wants to send you loads of traffic. How do you know? You got it! 404 logging. Ok that's enough on that.

Today's image is 'The Sky as seen from a pub courtyard'. I considered creating an image of text saying 'image not found' but only for a nanosecond. The whole 404 joke thing has been done now methinks.

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