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TIme for a catch up with myself. What have I been doing?

It feels like I’ve been doing a lot, but what?

Oh yes. A new ‘add content’ menu, which I have just used. It’s a long story and of interest only to me at the moment, at least until I can link to some sort of demo.

DyadStats updated

Not completely updated, but getting there. I’ve finally addressed the issue of choosing a central, ‘master’ copy of the data – search engines, user agents, banned bots , etc – and have created a system that allows newly added records to be pusched to the other servers I’m using. There’s more work to do, but the system seems to be running smoothly and alldistributed copies should now be filtering known spambots from traffic reports.

More example reports should soon be available here: A rangeof reports are already available on live site, but the public one on DyadStats needs to have all the referrring domain names obfuscated to avoid encouraging the spambots.

Canvas expriment

Next time... a brief review of a geeky icon drawing widget built using javascript and html5 canvas, for creating and sending 8x8 pixel icons to ‘LaMetric Time’

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