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Cambridge Travel Guide
Guidance for people travelling to Cambridge

My Cambridge Travel Guide project seems to be using up more of my time than any of my other Half Baked Ideas at the moment.

I regularly offer large discounts for setting up websites where they can be useful for ongoing development. The CTCCC site is useful for testing images and events and Pizza Passione is great for testing subscriptions to events with filtering on venue/location.

Clients are not always particularly enthusiastic when it comes to regularly entering data – and I don’t blame them – so sometimes I just have to roll the old sleeves up and get my copy-and-paste on, which is what I’ve been do most of today. Well sort of. The process has been or a mix of adding a listing, noticing an error or potential enhancement, code code code, on to the next listing, and so on.

The big fantasy vision for CTG is lots of organisations using their own accounts to post details of their events, and for loads of their customers to subscribe and receive emails that they fine tune themselves to only receive info they’re interested in by ‘following’ specific venues and organisations – all without spammy tracking and boring cookie notices.

To seed the thing I’m currently using Cambridge food van data, as well as info specific to clients and friends, eg. Pizza Passione and the Dyke’s End pub. I should contact the main Food Truck people and see if they’d be interested in posting their gigs themselves, but there are a couple of features I think i need to sort out beforehand. The first relates to user accounts and permissions – the ability for users to pass ownership of a venue or organisation to someone else. It might be easier to just let people use each others’ listings - this needs some thought, a bit of coding and some testing.

The other significant issue is subscriptions – the system for signing-up to email, setting preferences, filtering calendar feeds and API endpoints. All stuff I’ve done before to some extent - just needs some time.