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Cambridge Pub Poker

A complete poker tournament management system specifically designed to work on flakey networks.

In terms of baked-ness, CPP was a fully working online poker tournament management system that was used on a regular basis to run poker tournaments in a few pubs in Cambridge over several years, and is on my list of projects that I would like to revive.

Designed to work offline
The WiFi at my local was rubbish

I used the Cambridge Pub Poker website to run the Tuesday night poker tournament at my local. It offered a fun way to try out different technologies and was the first production site go mine that featured web sockets and local storage. Web sockets enabled realtime broadcasting of tournament timers and notifications of when players were knocked out - if the Internet connection was available. When I started CPP my local's broadband was shockingly bad and would always drop out completely several times a night. To address this specifically, I engineered the CPP system to use Local Storage so that data could be fetched before a tournament and the entire tournament management process - registering players, running timers, calculating blinds, assigning points etc - worked client-side. After a tournament was complete, data could be synched with the server literally at the click of a button.

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Half Baked Ideas

It's good to sort out the lab once in a while.

Note to self: add links to components/experiments.


Rather than using a social media, I prefer the idea of writing the occasional pithy yet witty summary of the life and times of yours truly and send it to a select group. Ok so it's a way to test mailing list functions - you got me.


Originally designed for small food businesses to create menus with automatic allergy info, Iā€™m now using it as a domestic meal planner


CamVino is on online wine shop which allows me to continually develop and enhance a range of components focussing on sales and marketing.


The original idea for pshoot was to develop a system that could read emails and post the content online.