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Local Journal

Most villages regularly produce newsletters, and the half-baked idea of Local Journal was/is to offer a way for people to submit their content and for editors to publish it online.

I've just been trying to find the village magazine for a neighbouring village and just can't. The links on the village's Wikipedia page are out of date, the website that looks like it was once an official mouthpiece of the parish council hasn't published any minutes online for years. There are links to a Facebook group, but it's private.

I'm quite comfortable with the idea of cycling a couple of miles to the pub and borrowing a copy of the mag, but come on - shouldn't village magazine content be online these days.

I still feel this idea deserves some oven time.

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Half Baked Ideas

It's good to sort out the lab once in a while.

Note to self: add links to components/experiments.


Rather than using a social media, I prefer the idea of writing the occasional pithy yet witty summary of the life and times of yours truly and send it to a select group. Ok so it's a way to test mailing list functions - you got me.


Originally designed for small food businesses to create menus with automatic allergy info, Iā€™m now using it as a domestic meal planner


CamVino is on online wine shop which allows me to continually develop and enhance a range of components focussing on sales and marketing.


The original idea for pshoot was to develop a system that could read emails and post the content online.